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Southwest Started My Bachelorette Party Off Right!

Explorer C

Six of us were travelling from Baltimore to Charleston on May 4, Flight #993, for my bachelorette party. We were already really excited about being together and for the upcoming trip, but Southwest helped us get more excited.


First, I was greeted on the plane with smiles from the whole Flight Crew. Then Flight Attendant who welcomed us onboard had similar exciting news that she was celebrating her 10th wedding anniversary, which was refreshing. I often hear people say that life is over when you get married, but this Flight Attendant shared how she is still in love and still happy. It was inspiring!


We all sat together in the back two rows and the two Flight Attendants taking care of the back greeted us professionally, but were equally as excited for us. They even announced over the speaker that I was on the plane and for everyone to wish me luck in my marriage.


When I was getting off the plane, the initial Flight Attendant and the Captain were waving a bottle of champagne towards me. It was so sweet! They made me feel so special and I really appreciated it. I don't think people give enough good reviews only bad reviews, and I wanted to acknowledge these people and that it meant a lot to me and my group. Great Customer Service, and I will definitely book all future trips (especially group trips) with Southwest!


All of us with the champagne after we landed.All of us with the champagne after we landed.


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