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Southwest Takes Mother’s Day to New Heights with Honey County Live at 35 Performance


Mother’s Day is a special day for us to celebrate and thank all of our mothers and mother figures who’ve played important roles in our lives. At Southwest Airlines® we believe in connecting people to the moments that matter most in their lives, so we’re excited to share this story that is near and dear to our Heart.


On July 23, 2022, Southwest® made history with its first mother/daughter Pilot duo, Captain Holly Petitt and First Officer Keely Petitt, when they flew Flight #3658 from Denver to St. Louis. We featured their story on several of our channels, including a TikTok with the song “Got It From My Mama” by Dani Rose of Honey County playing in the background. Dani saw the reel using her song and reached out to Southwest to say thank you and explore opportunities to partner. After seeing all the love from Southwest social fans, we jumped at the opportunity to have some fun with Honey County’s song on Mother’s Day.





This past Tuesday, May 9, in honor of Mother’s Day, Southwest took this story to new heights, literally, with a Live at 35® performance from Honey County. But of course, a Mother’s Day concert with a song inspired by a mother would not be complete without a full-circle moment.  To further honor mothers and mother figures, Southwest’s first-ever mother/daughter Pilot duo, Captain Holly Petitt and First Officer Keely Petitt, piloted the flight for Honey County's Live at 35 performance flying the plane from Nashville (BNA) to New York (LGA)!


Honey County and Holly and Keely Petitt.jpg


A Live at 35 is a one-of-a-kind performance featuring artists at 35,000 feet. These concerts in the sky feature artists of all levels, including those who are On The Rise. Through our ongoing On The Rise program, we offer those in creative spaces a lift as they reach new heights in their careers and achieve their goals. Visit to learn more about music at Southwest and to watch Live at 35 performances.


Honey County Live at 35 Performance.jpg


Ahead of the flight, Southwest and Dani of Honey County celebrated Mother’s Day with Southwest Employees and Customers in the gate area at Nashville International Airport gate. Employees and Customers had the opportunity to jam out to Honey County’s “Got It From My Mama” song and even learned her trending TikTok dance to participate in videos for her channels. It was an amazing event and we’re super thankful for Honey County, Holly and Keely Pettit, and our wonderful Employees at Nashville International Airport who made this possible.


Honey County and Southwest BNA Employees.jpg


I hope it was a happy Mother’s Day for all the mothers and mother figures. I would, of course, be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge my own mother—as Honey County sings it best, “Everything good in me, I got it from my mama.”