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Southwest: The Magazine's Darling of Instagram

Adventurer B
One of this month's cover models has 1.3 million Instagram followers. (We’ll give you a hint: He has four legs.) Tuna, the dachshund-Chihuahua mix behind the IG handle @tunameltsmyheart, came on the scene in late 2011 and has been winning fans on the Web with his snaggletoothed grin ever since. Associate Editor Austin Morton accompanied the famous canine and his owner, Courtney Dasher, in Austin, Texas, during a leg of their national book tour to witness what happens when your beloved pet becomes your boss. For the whole story, and photos by the talented Peter Yang, check out “Pet Project.” But dogs don’t rule the Web. Cats do. Still, most people tend to be firmly in one camp or another. To get to the bottom of this age-old debate, I did a Skype interview with two of the funniest people I know: cat lover Gina Barreca and dog devotee Gene Weingarten, co-authors of the hilarious I’m with Stupid. Read a transcript of their droll dispute in the magazine, or hear each spar for yourself by watching the video on YouTube. Afterward, weigh in on who won by sending us a tweet with #southwestmag. Or, email us at So far, dogs are on top—but only by a slim margin. Are you going to take that, cat lovers?