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Southwest: The Magazine's January Star ... Sue Snyder

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starIn her more than 21 years as a Southwest Airlines Employee, Sue Snyder has never taken a single sick day. That’s right: not one. Her incredible spirit for the Company she LUVs keeps her coming in, workday after workday. That explains why Sue’s Coworkers repeatedly use the words “hardworking” and “dedicated” to describe her. As a Pilot Base Coordinator, Sue supports  hundreds of Dallas-based Pilots. Her preparedness for nearly any situation—whether it involves replacing broken headsets in cockpits, sewing loose buttons back on Pilots’ uniforms, or making travel arrangements—has earned Sue the well-deserved respect of her fellow Employees. After starting her Southwest career doing Pilot payroll in the Flight Ops Department, Sue moved to her current position in 2002. She LUVs that she still finds great satisfaction in her job. “No matter how much is going on in their days, our Pilots appreciate us for what we do for them,” Sue says. More than two decades of service bring a lot of memories, but one experience remains closest to Sue’s heart: escorting an Air Force fighter pilot’s family to the gate to greet him upon his arrival from a tour of duty in the Middle East. “It was just so rewarding to know he had come home safely to his wife and child.” Sue also enjoys the Freedom Southwest gives her to maintain family ties. With relatives living out of state, she often takes advantage of her travel privileges to attend reunions and see her grandsons play football. Her husband, daughter, and grandchildren also enjoy the Freedom  to travel that comes with being related to a Southwest Employee. “Southwest has really  connected me with family that I may not otherwise get to see as often,” she says. “And with the end of the Wright Amendment restrictions at Dallas Love Field, traveling is even easier.” Sue, because of your longtime dedication to our Company and our People, it’s easy to see why we cherish Employees like you. We’re grateful you’re one of our Stars! Photo courtesy of Trevor Paulhus