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Southwest: The Magazine’s March Star … Diane Fajardo

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DianeFajardo1-192x300“You should work for an airline!” That’s what Diane Fajardo’s mother always told her. But it didn’t become a possibility until 2007, when Diane received an invitation to interview with Southwest Airlines. The only problem? Diane hadn’t applied for a job at Southwest. It turns out Diane’s sister had submitted an application on her behalf without her knowledge. “I think she just saw my heart and knew the position would be the perfect fit for me,” Diane says. “I immediately quit my job as an accountant and never looked back.” Diane has jumped at every opportunity given to her at Southwest, including moving to Atlanta for two months to serve as a Class Coordinator  at the Company’s newest Customer Support and Services Center. Her LUV of Southwest and her peers was plain to see, which is why she was nominated to be Our Star. Even in her spare time, Diane enjoys the  company of her Coworkers, often playing tour guide to those who invite her along on their  vacations. “I love traveling,” she says. “Los Angeles and New York City are my favorites.” Diane is a pro at the planning and strategy needed to travel standby successfully. (Southwest Employees can fly for free on any flight if there is a seat available.) But she doesn’t just use her flight benefits for fun: She’s also used them to help the person who first supported her career choice. A few years ago, Diane’s mother, Della, began experiencing neurological difficulties. “We tried every specialist in Albuquerque. No one could help her,” Diane says. The family finally turned to Phoenix’s Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center, where Della was diagnosed with Parkinson’s. Diane’s flight privileges let her and Della travel to and from the clinic whenever they needed. After finding out she would be featured in this month’s issue, Diane’s only request was for a few extra copies for her mom to take to friends at Bible study. We’re more than happy to oblige and help celebrate you, Diane!