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Southwest Women Take Off to New Heights

Explorer C
Southwest Airlines is proud to honor the accomplishments of women around the world, as well as our own Customers and Employees. In honor of Women’s History Month, we would like to recognize the Southwest women that have taken the aviation industry by storm and proven that there is no such thing as a “man’s job.” Anne Bevier, Senior Director for Planning and Standards In 1992, Anne Bevier joined Southwest as a Ramp Agent at Dallas Love Field. Anne was the “token female” working out on the ramp. Despite the heavy labor and manual work that comes with being a Ramp Agent, Anne never let stereotypes get in her way and she loved the camaraderie of working in a tight-knit group. “I proved that I was just as good, strong, and capable as the guys … you just have to work hard and you will gain the respect of your Coworkers,” Anne said. Anne eventually was promoted and became one of the first female Ramp Supervisors at Southwest. After many years of advancement in operations, Anne now serves as the Senior Director for Planning and Standards. She supports the 15,000 plus Frontline Employees  by providing them the tools they need to do their job. Her biggest accomplishment within the past few years has been watching the Team grow and earning their respect not only as a Leader, but also an equal. As the only female Ramp Agent at Dallas Love Field in 1992, Anne never thought she would grow into the role she is in now. If women are interested in the aviation industry, Anne recommends “getting in the door, pursuing your passion, and letting the industry take you where you should be … not where others think you should be.” Sherry Staber, Vice President of Business Transformation Two and a half years ago, Sherry Staber joined the Southwest Team as Vice President of Business Transformation – Corporate Delivery. In this role, Sherry leads the Team that helps deliver the systems needed to support operations whether it is Electronic Flight Bags for Flight Attendants or a software system to ensure airplanes are adequately maintained. Prior to Southwest, Sherry had worked for many years in two primarily male-dominated industries: manufacturing and technology. After a short stint as an accountant, Sherry landed her first job as a programmer then went on to consulting. Throughout the years, she has taken part in groundbreaking technology projects, including the incorporation of handheld computers into Frito-Lay’s manufacturing process. During her time in the manufacturing and technology industry, Sherry often witnessed stereotypes about women. “You would be asked to take notes or be mistaken as an administrator … you just have to show your value and what you can bring,” Sherry said. “Stereotypes usually go away, but make sure [your Team] knows who you are and what you can deliver.” Both Anne and Sherry demonstrate what women are capable of and that women can do anything they want to do. At Southwest, we are honored to have such hard-working women in all areas of the Company, whether it be on the ramp, at a desk, or piloting a plane! The sky is truly the limit.