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Southwest and Diversity

New Arrival

Wow! I’ve been invited into the blogosphere! I’m excited to begin my blogging adventure, and equally excited that my first blog is on a topic that I’m very passionate about.

I am a Member of the Southwest Airlines Corporate Diversity Council, and am happy to extend that responsibility to the Southwest Airlines blog. The Diversity Council meets monthly and supports the Company’s efforts to:

• Improve the recruitment and advancement of women and minorities
• Increase supplier diversity e.g MWBE (Minority Women owned Business Enterprises)
• Create awareness and show appreciation of cultural and lifestyle differences within our diverse workforce
• Organize and amplify issues that improve inclusiveness and diversity
• Serve as a conduit and resource, and direct issues raised to appropriate Departments for follow-up and/or action
As you can see, at Southwest Airlines, we believe that we should focus as much on inclusion as we do on diversity.

As a Member of the Diversity Council, it is also my privilege today to announce that The Human Rights Campaign Foundation has released its eighth annual Corporate Equality Index Survey, and in the new 2010 survey, Southwest Airlines scored a 95 out of 100!

This marks a five-point increase from last year. The annual Corporate Equality Index serves as a "report card' for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender equality in Corporate America and rates more than 590 businesses across the country in categories such as non-discrimination policies and training, benefits, employee support through diversity councils, and marketing and external engagement. This is the fourth year Southwest has actively participated in this survey.

We are very proud of our near perfect score of 95 on the Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index.  Back in 2005, we were surprised to learn of a low score by the HRC because it simply did not accurately reflect our Culture.  Since then, we have established a great relationship with the HRC who work with us on the ongoing evaluation of our policies to make sure they reflect our values of Freedom.
At Southwest Airlines, we have always valued diversity in the workforce. We pride ourselves on giving our Employees the Freedom to be themselves. Southwest is a Company that works hard every day to do right by our Customers and our Employees – regardless of race, religion, and sexual orientation. We are very proud that we offer health and flight benefits to our Employees’ Committed Partners. Since Southwest Airlines first began offering Committed Partner benefits and pass privileges in 2001, we have made Employee friendly modifications to these plans. Our efforts are consistent with our Culture of Freedom and The Golden Rule. We also are very proud of our our support of GLBT Community events such as the Capitol Pride Parade in Washington, DC.

Southwest Airlines' HRC score has increased every year since 2005, and we continue to look for ways to improve our policies, and to gather and log information about our Employees' outstanding community involvement. So now we move forward in search of the perfect score--so it can accurately reflect the heart and soul of Southwest Airlines and that of our Fellow Employees.