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Southwest and Honeywell: Bringing You a Great Flight!

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You climb onboard a Southwest Airlines Boeing 737, take your seat and buckle in for a safe and comfortable ride. Maybe you’re on your way to an important business meeting, to a favorite vacation spot, to grandma’s house or to that very special place called home. So sit back, relax and enjoy a great flight, brought to you by a top airline and made possible by technology from Honeywell Aerospace. Southwest just picked Honeywell to provide a full suite of new cockpit technologies for the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft it has on order and for its existing fleet of 737NG aircraft. With these next-generation Honeywell systems onboard, Southwest will have the airline industry’s best-equipped 737 fleet, ready to fly with exceptional levels of reliability and efficiency, and ready to take advantage of the FAA’s current and future next-generation navigation technologies. For example, our latest weather radar looks out much farther than current systems, helping pilots steer clear of storms and turbulence and giving you a safer, more comfortable ride. Honeywell navigation systems let flight crews fly the most efficient flight plan available to get you where you need to go on time. And our cockpit systems are user-friendly so pilots can focus on flying safely and efficiently. Southwest and Honeywell have been working together for more than 30 years with just one goal in mind: We want to provide you with the best possible passenger experience – a flight that is safe, comfortable and on time. Honeywell engineers are constantly developing new and better flight deck technologies and Southwest is committed to keeping its aircraft up-to-date and giving its pilots the best possible safety, navigation and communications systems. It’s all about creating a great passenger experience and a great personality – something that has set Southwest Airlines apart throughout its history. All of us at Honeywell are proud of our contributions to the airline’s success and prouder still that our technology solutions are helping Southwest continue to build one of the airline industry’s best reputations and a strong record of innovation, performance, productivity and reliability.