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Southwest and JetBlue to Face Off in Guitar Hero Challenge

Frequent Flyer A

 Travel Blog  •  Rob Verger

There’s plenty of bad news out there about the airline industry these days, and things like swine flu, or the very dumb decision to buzz Lower Manhattan in a presidential 747 aren’t making people any happier.

So, I decided to focus on something a little more lighthearted here: an airline Guitar Hero showdown.

I follow several airlines on Twitter, and usually the info they broadcast has to do with a fare sale or some kind of promotion. Thus, I was surprised when, on April 20th, I saw this item from Southwest:

SouthwestAir Listening to “Smoke on the Water” and wondering if @jetblue is still up for a Guitar Hero challenge in May…

To read more, visit:

Aviator C
Beware JetBlue, Christi is one fierce Warrior! I just hope she can play the game.
Explorer C
I luv the guitar hero challenge, it reminds me of Herb's shenanigans. Go Christi!
Adventurer B
Is there a Hard Rock Cafe in the NYC area that would host the event?