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Southwest is a Great Place to Work!

Adventurer C

I was reminded the other day by an Employee at a local blood bank about one of the best things about working at Southwest Airlines.  She was describing her recent change in employment and said, “I’ve been here three months and I STILL love my job.”  That really stuck with me.  

A small testimony to that fact was confirmed today at The Dallas Morning News "Best Place To Work" luncheon.  Southwest Airlines received second place honors as the "Best Place to Work in the Metroplex".  Although this is a local award, it really is an honor for the work environment that ALL of our Employees create because they LUV working here, LUV working with each other, and LUV serving our 90 million+ Customers across 68 cities.

I am so proud of our People and this honor, in part because Dallas/Fort Worth has such a large number of really great places to work, and in part because we have persevered through one of the toughest economic environments in history.  The great attitudes of our Employees give each other energy and optimism to see us through the difficult times.  Another great honor we received was for our CEO, Gary Kelly.  He was named by The Dallas Morning News as "The Best CEO" (for companies with more than 500 Employees).

Congratulations to our Employees and to all the other "Best Place to Work" companies in Dallas/Fort Worth.

Explorer C
As a member of the traveling public --- you could have fooled me!
Explorer B
where is the article about how you kicked a 2 year old off. smart move! kick a kid off for saying go plane go and i want daddy. what a friendly place.
Explorer C
I am in my 8th year at Southwest and I can truly say,,,I still LOVE my job and my company,,,and passenger see that everyday with all of us
Explorer C
I'm not completely sold by the LUV facade put on by SWA Management and some of their employees. The management that run Southwest are politicians who believe their own press about people LUV'ing to work for SWA. If your a pilot or mechanic working for SWA and make a very good income, sure Southwest is a "great" place to work. However, if your a ground crew barely making enough money to survive (and that's before huge amounts of overtime), you may not have such a gung-ho opinion of the company. To Southwest Airline, low cost is a relative term, especially if you are an employee. I have beeb on Southwest flights several times, there are alot of unhappy people working for that airline.
Explorer C
Really? I wouldn't consider it a positive testimony to an airline that kicks a mother and a toddler off a plane. Children can be difficult - adults need to grow up and live with it. Do you prefer to live in a world without children or maybe one in which they are kept caged in zoos. I have worked as a flight attendant for a few years and have had my share of fussy kids. It's not fun but neither is the drunk gentleman on your right, or the overweight one on your left. If people have that much trouble traveling in a group they just need to bear it till they can buy their own private jet. Sorry, but Southwest sucks! I will never travel on this airline.
Explorer C
Could someone please help me understand why a current Southwest job vacancy in Midland, TX clearly specifies LOCAL CANDIDATES ONLY? Seems to me, if an individual meets or exceeds the qualifications of the job, and they are willing to relocate themselves to Midland from say...Jacksonville, FL...because they have a genuine passion for competing for a career opportunity with one of the best companies in the world, WHY on earth should they be excluded from consideration?!?! It seems to fly in the face of everything I've come to believe about how Southwest fundamentally operates! I REALIZE (all too well) the national unemployment rate is approx 9.8%. I REALIZE that Southwest probably gets 1000 applications for every vacancy. Does that also mean that someone who very likely could be among "the best and the brightest" is automatically excluded from competition because, just like 290 million other people in the US, they happen not to live in Midland? I'd love to coach a sports team that competed against other programs who limited their team's true potential based on non-sensical, exclusionary rules . Chalk up an automatic win every year!
Explorer C
Now would be a GREAT time for Southwest to make Melbourne, Florida, one of their destinations. It's also a GREAT place to live and work! It's only serviced by one major airline. Now would be a very opportune time to significantly increase your business, if you would offer flights to MELBOURNE, FLORIDA!
Explorer C
In reference to the "LOCAL CANDIDATES ONLY" question, we limit some posting to local Candidates because there is talent and qualified folks who live locally. Usually we are looking for a quick hire as well so it is easier to hire locally. Call me at 407.541.3002 if you want to discuss in more detail!!!