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Southwest leaves an amazing mark on Seattle

Frequent Flyer A

straight from Seattle's KOMO-TV station...

"I'm the staff meteorologist for KOMO-TV out in Seattle who also writes an online weather blog for our web site, One of our viewers who works out at Sea-Tac Airport snapped this incredible photo of the "rain shadow" left behind from an idling plane as a rain shower moved over the airport:

I challenged our astute readers to figure out what plane was there (we didn't know -- the photographer got there after the plane had left, but word of mouth said it was a 737, possibly Southwest),  but believe it or not, our readers have pretty definitely figured out which flight it was, based on the fact that it only rained for 12 minutes during this shower, and deducing which gate it was at based on the curvature of the road (and someone recognized that small truck in the top right corner of the photo as a Southwest truck).  They are pretty sure it was a flight from Seattle to Sacramento then on to Chicago/Midway that was taking off around 11 a.m.

Anyway, we thought you might enjoy the photo to pass around. We thought you could couch it as "Southwest leaves an amazing mark on Seattle" 🙂

Scott Sistek
KOMONews.Com Meteorologist"