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Southwest's Biggest Little Fan

Explorer C

The average weekly commute to work and school is begrudgingly taken by the masses ... but not by my toddler! Every morning, my little one cannot wait to get in the car and make her way to school. All of her excitement is due to the fact that the halfway marker in our commute is our airport.


My munchkin is so in love with airplanes, and her favorite ones to see are the “blue an’ red” planes of Southwest. They are normally parked at the gates that are closest to the road we take, but they are also the most jazzy with their bright, bold colors. They instantly grab her attention, and she screams out in excitement every time she sees one. As we head away from them, whether they are parked, taxiing, or even up in the air, she belts out, “Bye, bye, airplane! Fly safe!”


After a solid six weeks of this happening, I decided to share the joy and my daughter’s excitement on the Southwest Facebook page. They were beyond delighted at their littlest—and yet biggest—fan and were kind enough to send her her very own Southwest 737 airplane poster with signatures and love notes written on it. Upon opening her box, her eyes practically bugged out and her mouth fell open.


BiggestFan1.jpgShe was so excited she didn’t even know what to do! They also sent along some yummy airplane shaped cookies and pretzels (which I had to immediately open so she could eat them). Together we read through all the notes, and with each one, she became more and more elated. We laid it out on the floor so she could see the whole poster and take it all in. After a minute of pointing at it saying, “My airplane!” she laid down on the poster and told me she was flying.


Bedtime became an extra special affair that night, as she insisted we hang up her beloved airplane on her wall. We had to quickly hang it, so we used only tape, which ultimately led to its falling on the floor during the night. When she awoke the next morning, she saw that her plane was no longer on her wall. When I came in to get her ready for the day, she pointed to the empty wall and said, “Mommy, my airplane took off!” and then she clapped her hands. I had expected her to be upset at the plane’s disappearance,but it was the exact opposite. She really thought her plane had taken to the skies for an adventure! I did pick it up and properly hang it later on that day, so now she can see her plane any time she likes!


I know for sure that the first time we fly anywhere with her, it will be on a Southwest airplane. Thank you, Southwest! You made a little girl’s world that much more adventurous and fun!