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Southwest's New Crew Base to Land in the Mile High City

Explorer B

Southwest re-entered the Denver market in January 2006, and since that time, the Mile High City has become our fastest growing city in our history.  Our presence in Denver has grown from 13 daily flights to 159, and our commitment to the city of Denver has reached far beyond our presence at Denver International Airport (DIA).  Denver was a natural fit to support our growing operation and meet the need for a new Crew base for our Pilots and Flight Attendants.  So, we plan to open our newest Pilot domicile in October of this year and Flight Attendant domicile during the fourth quarter.  I know our Employees will be as thrilled about our newest home as I am. 

We anticipate the new Crew domicile, which will be our ninth, will be home to at least 250 Pilots and at least 400 Flight Attendants, with potential to grow as needed.  The lounges will be located on the third level of concourse C at DIA.  The new base will have a top-notch lounge and will serve as an office on the ground for our Employees.  Flight Crews who are stationed in Denver may report to these offices before and after trips to receive briefings, to access required reading material, to learn about any changes in policies or schedules, and to catch up on Southwest news. 

Geographically, Denver is separated from our existing domiciles, which provides better Crew coverage for the network while also insulating it from regional weather events that may impact other domiciles. Additionally, Denver has a relatively low cost of living, a high quality of life, and a number of Pilots and Flight Attendants already living in the region, making it an easy selection.  In fact, Denver has been one of the most frequently requested destinations for a new Crew base!  I look forward to opening the domicile and supporting a growing Denver market. 

Explorer C
Oh great! you mean i have to see more khaki wearing, annoying southwest employees here in Denver. Lord help us all!
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Great! More flights, and hopefully SWA will be hiring flight attendants soon! Khaki is cool, eminently comfortable, and cotton has natural flame retardant properties. Happy employees = happy passengers.
Explorer C
Wow. If you dislike SWA that much, why are you logged on to this site? I hope you have better things to do with your time than just be disparaging for no good reason. I personally think getting SWA into Denver has been the best thing that's happened to travel in this city since DIA was built. I have found the employees to be cheerful, friendly, and totally focused on helping customers in every way, living up to the "hype". My SWA flights have been on time, going to the cities I need to go to, and cheaper than anyone else flying out of Denver. I really can't see the downside! As someone from an airline family, I think it's great that SWA is providing crew housing here, as we know all too well how easy it is to get stranded with winter weather as well as having a comfortable non-hotel place to spend overnights and layovers. Good on you, SWA, keep on building what you've done in Denver, and we'll all be better for it!