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Southwest thrives on policy of free checked bags

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By Charisse Jones, USA TODAY

Bummed about paying $20 to check a bag? Southwest sure hopes so.

Southwest (LUV) is the only U.S. airline that lets passengers check two pieces of luggage for free. And as it heads into the Christmas travel season, Southwest is continuing its "bags fly free" ad campaign, which it says has shown results.

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I like bags fly free, because I hate delays by people with carryon. However, after a 2 hour mechanical delay this weekend. Which by the way all of the passengers and Southwest employees were handling very well. I was not delighted to arrive at Oakland and wait 40 minutes for my "bags fly free" but not as fast as the flight to arrive. All those passengers who did not seem to be at all significantly upset by the mechanical delay started to show signs of being significantly upset. It would seem that an airline who has just inconvenienced its passengers by a 2+ hour delay would work extra hard to assure that they were not further inconvenienced. It is the little extra effort that counts. How hard would it have been to arrange an expedited baggage transfer.
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No bag fees and no change fees are my primary reasons for flying Southwest. Flying a family of 3 with 5 or 6 checked bags for the holidays. Fares were already better on SWA than the other airlines and when you add in bag fees, the decision is a no brainer. Add to that that SWA has the very best customer service!