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Spirit Star of the Month: February, 2013

Every day, Southwest Airlines strives to maintain astrong brand presence and deliver a great Customer Experience. According to Vanessa Peace, Manager of Advertising and Brand Experience for Southwest Airlines, preserving the Southwest brand image helps deliver our world-class Customer Experience.
Vanessa and her Team work with internal and external partners to help produce creative assets, ensuring that the Company delivers a consistent, recognizable look. They collaborate on national ad campaigns, Southwest merchandise, trademarks, in-airport and in-aircraft branding and signage—even the napkin your beverage was served with today.
“I truly feel like I’ve become the eyes for the brand,” says Vanessa. “Consistency in the way Southwest is represented visually is one more way we keep the brand strong and recognizable to Customers.”
Vanessa Peace
When Vanessa isn’t busy protecting the Company’s brand, she’s spending time with her family. She and her husband, Mike, have two children: a daughter, Gabriella,and a son, Preston. Vanessa is thankful that Southwest Airlines gives her family the Freedom to travel together.
Southwest also provided Vanessa with a support system that was stronger than she could have ever imagined needing when her daughter was diagnosed with the neurodevelopmental disorder Rett syndrome. “Gabriella has taught me more than I have ever learned from another human being—about her, about me, about love, and about what is important,” says Vanessa. The skills Vanessa has learned at Southwest have helped her create awareness for Rett syndrome as the regional representative for the International Rett Syndrome Foundation.
At Southwest Airlines, we strive to make sure thatour Customers can recognize us, whether through memorable TV commercials, our beautiful new EVOLVE aircraft interiors, or the amazing Customer Service they receive on the ground and in the sky. With Vanessa as part of the Family, we rest assured knowing Customers will always recognize our brand.