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Adventurer B

Southwest Airlines sponsors a lot of things, both commercial and charitable. And this gives us Employees lots of opportunities to see, do, and celebrate many things that we wouldn't get to otherwise.

We've gotten to see the Stanley Cup a ”cuple” of times, and our sponsorship of the NBA has resulted in a way-cool specialty plane (Slam Dunk One), a visit from some really-tall famous people, and yet another of our patented hangar celebrations.


But most recently, our NBA sponsorship brought the Larry O'brien NBA Championship Trophy to HDQ for a ”photo op,” and our hoops-LUVing Employees didn't waste any time taking advantage of it.

But, of course, our charitable sponsorships are the most rewarding and sometimes even more fun. Our LUV Classic Golf Tournaments, benefiting Ronald McDonald House Charities, have become huge events, and even they don't compare to volunteering to serve a meal at a local Ronald McDonald House and getting to see the faces of the people who are being helped ... or to volunteering to sort and pack a few dozen TONS of food at the North Texas Food Bank.


And I can't think of anything more fun, exciting, and rewarding than being part of Kidd's Kids, and watching children who have been ravaged by disease (and their families) on their way to Disney World for five days on our specially painted Kidd's Kids airplane. Not to mention a surprise visit from the Jonas Brothers (as shown in this two-part video).

Explorer B
After we got Slam Dunk One I thought it would be cool of we had a NFL - themed aircraft, since we're a huge NFL sponsor and official airline of the Super Bowl. And I even have a name for it - "Touchdown One." Would that not be a fitting name?
Explorer C
That's incredible! One of the highlights of the year for me is volunteering at a Joni and Friends camp every summer. It was started by Joni Eareckson Tada, a quadriplegic who survived a diving accident in 1967. The camp assists those who are affected by disability, and everyone just has a blast! It's amazing to see Southwest Airlines reach out to these phenomenal people!!! Rock on...
Explorer C
PLease, please don't join with US Air. You have a wonderful airline which I fly on often. Why ruin a good thing. US Air is not too popular in Pgh. Pa.
Adventurer B
Someone on the Yahoo MDW group was asking if they saw a brand new full livery that had the same color as Nevada One. The person thought that it looked like Nevada One would not exactly. Is there a brand new full livery or... was it possibily Triple Crown One or similar? They saw the plane in question at MDW on March 14th. Thank You in Advance.
Adventurer A
In my opinion pat boustead, the most likely airline that Southwest would consider getting together with would be Airtran since their fleet is closest in type to Southwest. USAir has Airbuses and that is something Southwest to this point isn't willing to take on.