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Station Manager Playoffs Challenge

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Being born and raised a Cubs fan, playing baseball through the middle of October is something unknown to me. September always brings the same shrug, “Maybe next year,” and my insistence that it’s football season.  However, after recently moving to Dallas, I have found myself in the middle of Ranger Nation, where winning, unlike my Cubs, isn’t anything new.

Now that the end of the playoffs is upon us, the competition is getting fierce-- but the rivalry isn’t only on the baseball field. In typical Southwest fashion, Dallas Love Field and St. Louis-Lambert International Airport are facing off by wearing their respective team’s gear at ticket counters and gates throughout the final showdown between the Rangers and the Cards. And to up the ante, the Dallas and St. Louis Station Managers have a friendly bet: the losing team’s Station management has to fly some fine fare to the winner's station! Even more importantly, the winning Station gets the bragging rights that come along with the victory.

We're excited at Headquarters, too, and recently held a pep rally to show support for our hometown Rangers.


The series is currently tied 1 - 1. Good luck, and may the best team win!