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Suits and Seats

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We enjoy a lot of Freedoms at Southwest Airlines and this episode of Red Belly Radio is about two of them. We have had a program for at least 18 years (how long I have worked here) called “A day in the field” where any Employee from any department can spend time in another department to better learn what they do. The other day, Hollye Chacon learned about Communication and got to learn first-hand how podcasts are made in her “day in the field.”

Another Freedom we enjoy is how we are able to decorate our cubes. (I understand some companies don’t allow this.) Employees here are, not too surprisingly, able to decorate their cubes the way they want. Tim Childress, a Finance Employee, decorated his cube with Christmas lights and airline memorabilia including a row of seats off one of our aircraft! Tim also has a claim to fame around here. On Halloween in 2007, he made a suit of peanut wrappers! Very popular and still hangs on the walls in a case. Listen and learn about how someone even goes about doing that—I am so jealous! (both for the suit and the seats)

Photos: Above, Tim in 2007 halloween with Southwest Airlines Founder Herb Kelleher; Tim's cube with the row of seats in left front.

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I would like to discuss the possibility of you helping me sell two PSL Tickets for the Carolina Panters. My seats are located at Section 545, Row 27, Seats 23 and 24. Please advise and I will give you a call or give you my numbers. Thank you,