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Southwest Airlines Community

Summer Adopt-A-Pilot Activities and Experiments


In 1997, Southwest Airlines launched our Adopt-A-Pilot program which gives classrooms an opportunity to “adopt” a Southwest Pilot. Since our award-winning program first launched, Southwest Pilots have visited thousands of classrooms around the country, teaching an aviation-themed curriculum and impacting the lives of more 632,000 students.




A lot has changed since that first lesson took place—especially recently in light of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). We recognize learning and the “classroom” setting looked a little different this spring for many students.


We are all dealing with new changes and many of you are parents who recently became classroom teachers for kids, and your homes became your classrooms. To kick off summer and continue learning, we’re excited to share some Adopt-A-Pilot experiments you can do using items found around your house. We also created a few coloring pages to inspire creativity.


No matter how your summer plans may have changed—we can continue to enjoy Adopt-A-Pilot lessons and inspire students for generations to come in fun, innovative, and easy ways!


Coloring Book & Experiments Packet (PDF Attached)

Print out this Coloring Book & Experiment packet for some fun Adopt-A-Pilot activities you can do at home!