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Summer Camp: A Unique Way to Attract Talent


More than 125 students from 21 states are attending Southwest Summer Camp in Dallas this week. Camp is free for Employees’ high school-aged students, and is an innovative way our Campus Reach Team is building Southwest’s talent pipeline—engaging students at an early age, inspiring an interest in aviation, and providing a path to return as an intern or full-time Employee at Southwest. We have to get creative in how we recruit in an increasingly competitive landscape. In its second year, Southwest Summer Camp opens students’ eyes to the “world of work” at Southwest Airlines, inspires new career goals, and fosters a recruiting network. After camp, students should be able to:
  • Identify career opportunities available at Southwest (full-time employment and internships) and know how to apply for them
  • Discover possible career paths based on their interests and strengths
  • Prepare for the career(s) of their choice and network with potential connections
In addition to Southwest Summer Camp, the Campus Reach Team engages millennials through a nationally recognized collegiate internship program, high school internships and partnerships, trade school partnerships, and an MBA program.