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Summer Travel Is Here. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE????


At the risk of sounding like the AARP-membership-eligible male that I am....time is just going by faster and faster.

It's already the fourth week of June.  How on earth is that possible???  Wasn't Easter just recently?  Wasn't Christmas a month or so ago?  I guess I need to make my plans for Memorial Day.....OH WAIT....that was a month ago!

My Mom (still miss her!) always told me that as you get older, time seems to speed up.  When I was young, I assumed it was because Mom forgot so much stuff that time just seemed to move quicker....but now I realize that (1) it DOES go by faster and (2) it's just because as you get older you get BUSIER.  Between my son, my stepdaughters, keeping the house going, yard duty, and my ever-increasingly busy job here at wonder time is flying by like a B-1 at Mach 2.

Finding a vacation spot with the Officer, his wife, and a seven- and a ten-year-old in tow on the Southwest network is easy.  We could hit beaches, or visit the Mouse, on either coast.  Spend time cruising the Circle Line or in Central Park.  See Rainier up close and personal.  Hang on to cable cars for dear life.  Traverse the Eisenhower Tunnel and be amazed by the "purple mountain's majesty."  So many choices, so little time...


The odds-on favorite destination right now is fairly close to home--fly to Tulsa or Little Rock and drive up to the incredibly artsy and cool Victorian-inspired Ozark Mountain town of Eureka Springs.  Lots of things to do (check out the web site of Thorncrown Chapel--went to a wedding there once and the memories still give me goosebumps!).  Cool shops, quaint B&B's, good restaurants, and it's INEXPENSIVE.  What's not to like about that?


As we plan--and execute--our vacation plans, I hope you guys enjoy your time off.  If you're doing a "staycation" have a GREAT time, but I'm hoping you join us in comfy leather seats on a Southwest flight and Go/See/Do something fun!  (Check out our Travel Guide for suggestions.)  Our Summer Schedule is designed to get you where you want to go--either across your state or across our nation--better than ever before (a post about how we're scheduling that is in the works!).  Take lots of pictures....that way, in about a week, when we'll all probably be celebrating Christmas, we can remember what a great Summer we had.

Happy travels, everybody.  And yes, Gary....IT'S ON for Summer!  (Or, to quote Carroll in Houston from one of the commercials--"it's SO on!")!





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Just wanted to voice continued confusion with the Nashville cuts. First, East-West traffic is important here and but continuing to cut spokes on both sides over time you're hurting what is left(If you don't believe me go back and look at the Norfolk Airport website and their announcement about Nashville service which touted the western connections, how many people connect from places like Florida in Nashville to go Seattle, and traffic flow of the hub with American). Second, yea you can keep cutting frequencies but eventually you run out if you don't add enough back to keep pace and we WILL eventually lose more cities that way. Third, Nashville would be a perfect stopping place between Charlotte, Atlanta, Memphis, and Cincinnati if you would ever resume growth in the southeast. You're letting a lot of low hanging fruit(BUSINESS TRAVELERS) get away that way while Delta and US Airways thrive off of them. Fourth, Nashville needs a certain amount of connecting traffic and critical mass like its neighbors in Charlotte and Memphis(same population and geography) to truly reach its full potential and for some reason every big airline here has always stopped short of that and they wonder why we don't live up. Lastly, with all of the new businesses and jobs that we have attracted over the years and the fact that we now have as much traffic O&D here as we did with O&D and connecting combined with American, there is no reason why we can't sustain current service and support new at the same time. Not to mention that the planes are ALWAYS full when I fly you guys. Explain to me why this doesn't all make sense because I don't understand it and you're the expert here.