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Sunday Sunday Sunday

Frequent Flyer C

Cue the Monday Night Football music!

Oh yes, it is that time of the year where the world gathers together with friends and family to watch some comical commercials, and catch that little game, that the person who sits next to me, refers to as, "the biggest day to cook chili."  Two great teams come together to duke out who is the best football team in the world—at least for this year.

A very memorable "big game" tradition that my family and I always looked forward to was the making of homemade pizza.  Mom would make the pizza from scratch and the whole family would help—well, help eat it.  There is nothing like sitting down with the family eating pizza and, let’s all admit it now, watch those commercials.  There have been some amazing commercials throughout the years, and some of my absolute favorites include:  the Bud-weis-er Frogs, the McDonald’s commercial with Larry Bird and Michael Jordan playing “HORSE”, and Reebok’s Terry Tate Office Linebacker.  What are some of your favorite commercials from year’s past?

Our very own Employees in Phoenix and Pittsburgh are all decked out and ready to go support their team. Yes, there has been a little trash talking going on (but not too much).  The Culture at Southwest Airlines is especially tangible this time of year, and not only do these Employees have fun, but they will be working hard to make sure everyone gets to and from the game safely--no matter which team they’re rooting for.

Pittsburgh Employees Adrian and John with their SWA friends at the Steelers' game.

Explorer C
I love the Pepsi commercial with Cindy Crawford and the two young boys from several years back. The coke commercial w/ Mean Joe Green and the boy is still my all time favorite . . . does that date me? Go Cardinals.
Explorer B
Hi Caleb, It has been quite a few years now but I really enjoyed the exploding mosquito commerical that Tabasco did. Go Cardinals!
Explorer C
Although there have been great commercials in the past, this year's ads seemed to sink to new lows, especially when it comes to the portrayal of women. And I'm sad to say that one of Southwest's new business partners, Teleflora, which you just added to your Rewards Program, was one of the worst offenders. Their ad was tasteless, classless, and offensive. Cervantes said "“Tell me what company you keep and I'll tell you what you are.” By doing business with Teleflora, you're not saying anything good about what Southwest is. Perhaps it's time to reconsider the company you are keeping...
Explorer C
I have to agree with Katy. I was very disappointed by the ad for your business partner, Teleflora. It was demeaning to women, romance novel readers, and cat lovers. The sadest part of all, it wasn't even funny. It was just tired and cliche while being very, very insulting. I love Southwest and when I fly you guys are my first choice. I hate to see you guys associated with a company that produces and pays for such outrageous advertising.
Explorer C
I usually look forward to Super Bowl commercials. This year, however, I was surprised and offended by the sheer tastelessness of the ad for Teleflora. The ad was misogynistic and demeaning in the extreme. Like Lerah, I too fly Southwest whenever possible, and I never have had any reason to complain about your company's policies. I realize that Teleflora's marketing decisions are their own, but I am disappointed that Southwest chooses to associate with a company that describes such an insulting ad as "edgy and entertaining."