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Frequent Flyer A

Get ready for some live blogging as Christi Day and I spend the day at New Orleans Louisiana's (NOLA) Airport MSY to celebrate Southwest's 30 years of service here.  Home to jazz, po' boys, and Mardi Gras, this day is guaranteed to be anything but boring. We caught the first flight out of DAL at 6:55 and just arrived at 8:15. We were greeted by go-go girls, disco dancers, and a faithful recreation of those famous 70s Flight Attendant hot pants.

I grabbed an Afro wig, Christi donned a psychedelic headband, and we're heading out to "get down on it." (Kool and the Gang, anyone?) Stay tuned as we bring you updates throughout the day about the fabulous festivities planned by our Culture Committee: Karaoke, Cash Cube, King Cake, they say, "Laissez les bons temps rouler!"

Aviator C
Oh my, I do feel old, but can you dig this? I just realized that, while I can remember the 1970s (and some of the decade's excess), neither you nor Christi were alive. But it would be far out to see you in your costumes.
Frequent Flyer C
Also, if anyone wants to know what we are up to all can also follow us on twitter Super Fly!
Adventurer B
Go-go girls and hot pants? I hope certain guests of Dr. Phil don't catch wind of this! 🙂
Explorer C
We enjoyed the 30 year New Orleans Celebration. I can't believe its been 30 years. They went by so fast. The looks we got on the concourse from passengers were priceless!!
Frequent Flyer A
Thanks, Kurt! I agree, the costumes were outrageous that day. Check out our flickr page for more of the MSY 30th event: