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Support Transparent Airfare

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Did you know that approximately 20 percent of total ticket costs go toward federal taxes?  Did you also know that airlines are required by the Department of Transportation (DOT) to advertise the full price including our fare and all taxes? The DOT rule enables the government’s increased taxes to effectively go unnoticed by those who pay them.  Air fare looks deceptively higher than it really is due to the federal taxes that are buried within. As such, air travel appear less competitively priced than other forms of transportation, including buses, rail, and even rental cars that are able to advertise fares without taxes embedded. Simply put, this regulation is not pro-consumer, it is pro-government. Recently the Transparent Airfare Act was introduced and has passed out of the House Transportation & Infrastructure committee.  Airlines 4 America (A4A), our industry trade association, has created an online tool to help show support for the Transparent Airfare Act. Take a moment to visit and ask Congress to support transparent airfares allowing consumers to see how much of their ticket price is actually going towards federal taxes!