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Surprising and Delighting Customers—Even During Irregular Operations

Explorer C

We know how challenging irregular operations and resulting delays can be for our Customers.  Recently, Southwest’s Ground Operations Team at Baltimore/Washington (aka “B’more”) found a creative way to help our Customers pass the time during an irregular operation by creating a little FUN competition in the concourse. Customers were invited to join in on a paper airplane race and about 40 of them accepted the challenge.  An innocent bystander (one of our outstanding Flight Attendants) volunteered to be the “official” judge.  The participants folded their papers into magnificent aircraft, and the race began. As onlookers cheered, Customers began to tweet and post Facebook messages about the event “unfolding” in the gate area.  In the end, two Customers were named the winners and given Gestures of Goodwill.  The event generated quite the buzz and lifted Customers’ while they were grounded! Adriene Jones is a Baltimore/Washington Customer Service Manager.  For more fun ideas on passing time at the airport, check out our post on Gate Games