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Sweet Customer Service

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Recently, one of our Customers wrote in about her Rapid Rewards Drink Coupons—she explained that she will not use the coupons that had been sent to her, but hinted that she loves chocolate!  Much to her surprise, she received a package from HDQ CR/RR Representative Elly Jurgensen that contained chocolate almonds and a king-size Hershey candy bar!  Elly, we applaud your sweet Customer Service!
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I too, don't use my drink tickets since I don't drink. What I try to do is give them away to a soldier(s) on board. There were none on my last 2 flights to SEA. Maybe next time. I hate for them to go to waste. Maybe SW can do a drink reserve, with a donation from fliers like me of my drink tickets, & give our soldiers a freebie drink from that reserve.
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Thank you Barbara for both your generosity and patronage. I will share your suggestion with our Community Relations and Marketing Teams.