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T-Shirts and MORE T-Shirts...

Adventurer A
IMAG0044.JPGHappy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me...I got one of the most unique gifts for my birthday this year.  As many of you are aware, Southwest Airlines makes a T-Shirt for EVERY occasion.  So without my knowledge, my mother and grandmother went through my closet (and then they enlisted Southwest's help) to gather more T-shirts to make me a Southwest Airlines quilt.  I've been told it was a family effort, with my sister and her family cutting and sewing squares upon squares.  So, a special SHOUT OUT to my family and Colleen for making this very unique gift possible.  Ya'll are the BEST!!IMAG0045.JPG
Adventurer C
That's awesome! I would love to see Southwest and Creata Catalog productize (there's that "business speak" Brian is so fond of 😄 ) something like this and make it available for purchase through the Freedom Shop. I would purchase one or two in a heartbeat!
Explorer C
James collects everything Southwest! He and our sister, Kari, have been known to outbid eachother on ebay several times trying to catch something he doesn't have! The quilt is definately one of a kind and we knew how surprised he would be! Drew - The labor alone was HORRIFIC and then it cost us another 100.00 to have it quilted! But, I'm sure we could do it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Special Orders ONLY - HA HA! My mom and grandmother come up with these ideas then we all have to make them come to life but this was well worth it and definately a FAMILY AFFAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was FUN! James' Sister Dena
Explorer A
Dena, Perhaps a more cost effective way of "recycling" T-Shirts now would be to make throw pillows...sweet dreams.... Cool idea and a priceless gift. Jenny Frasco
Frequent Flyer B
I collect Southwest merchandise, such as shirts, wings, & many other things! 🙂
Explorer C
Wow! That's a great gift! I luv the creativity. Happy Birthday, James! 🙂
Explorer B
Great idea! I've collected a stack of t-shirts in my 5+ years with Southwest, hoping to do the same.
Explorer A
T-Shirts T-Shirts. We do collect A LOT of T-Shirts. About once a year I go through my T-Shirt drawer and carefully pack away the previous years gains. I can't tell you how many Bags of them I have stored in my Garage. If you figure that I have worked for the Company for 11 years times an average of 5 shirts a year gives you an Idea. That is not counting the nicer collared shirts that I have purchased on my own. Robin Sell Oklahoma CIty Reservations Center
Explorer C
I was looking to see what special I could get from Pittsburgh to Nashville and saw "Blog". I didn't know what it was or meant, but clicked on it and saw the story about Ann "the Team Captian". I read it and I was very inspired by her story. Then I saw the t-shirt one about the quilt that was made for a birthday gift. By the way, I didn't know Southwest had a t-shirt made for diffient occations. Thanks for brightening my day (very cold and snowy here in Buckhannon, WV). Sharon
Aviator C
Hi Sharon, Thanks for leaving such a nice message, and I shared it with our entire Blog Team. Welcome to Nuts About Southwest, and we hope you will visit us often! Brian
Frequent Flyer B
James, Happy birthday, buddy! In another blog entry, I've gotten to "meet" your sister, and she seems like a great lady! This just helps to confirm it!!! What a great gift to give the guy that you can't seem to think what to give. My wife would particularly like the idea of someone coming in and cleaning out my closet... LOL (that's just to tweak Brian), Kim :-) P. S. WAY TO GO, Dena! Although I've got the BEST sister in the world, it sounds like my friend James is pulling up a close second! 🙂
Explorer C
James: Can you fit this in your roller bag to take on overnights? Maybe your Mom and Sis should make you a little travel blankey out of the scraps!!!! Happy Birthday with much LUV. Yer Sister Stew: Tina Coffee PHX