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TRG at CES: A Few Fun Facts

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Well, the 2013 International CES has officially closed its doors, marking the end of the largest show to date. The TRG team is heading home to Atlanta, and we're actually heading home right now! I'm writing this from 40,000 feet in the air onboard a Southwest 737-700 using their fantastic Wi-Fi service! But, I digress. This year's show was gigantic (and I mean GIGANTIC)! To let you get a scale about how big the show is, this year, the show covered over 1.93 million net square feet of space (that's over 393 basketball courts, you know!), larger than last year's 1.86 million net square feet.  
The show took place in not only the Las Vegas Convention Center (of which they start setting up in the middle of November!), but also in the LVH (Las Vegas Hotel Hospitality Suites), the Mandalay Bay Convention Center, the Venetian, and also a lot of off-site activities happening at most of the major hotels/casinos (like Caesar's Palace, Bellagio, Paris, Wynn/Encore, Luxor, etc.).

Now for some fun facts:
  • CEA recycles over 75% of the waste from CES (that makes them the World's Most Innovative Green Initiative!).
  • Walking the carpeted aisles of the 2013 International CES is the equivalent of Michael Phelps swimming over 483 laps. If we go by that logic, I'm a super-star swimmer!
  • More than 20,000 products were launched at this year's CES!
  • The 2013 International CES had over 150,000 attendees. That's a LOT of bodies (especially considering that the first CES only had 17,500 attendees). 
  • 150 nations (over 77% of the world's nations) had representatives at CES this year, truly making the show an "international" show. 
  • There were over 5,000 registered members of the media this year (that's more than double the amount of press at the Super Bowl. I guess you could call this the Super Bowl of Technology?).
  • The show was open for 33 hours, and that doesn't include Press Day. (Trust us, we know how long the show was open. Our sleeping patterns don't appreciate it).
CES is an incredible show, and working with Southwest on this awesome adventure just made it even better. 

In the coming days, we'll share with you our favorite travel-related gadgets from this year's show. If you're interested in a more diverse range of technology while covered at the show, feel free to check out The Real Geeks as we have a lot of coverage and we're going to come out with ANOTHER Top 10 (we're, like, doing a Top 20) of what we saw on the show, but with broader topics.

I would like to thank Southwest for being our presenting sponsor this year. They took a chance on us and we hope that we've done them proud with the content that we've pushed out, as well as content that we are yet to push out.