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Take Off/Lanzate Education Travel Award

giving-flight.jpg Have you heard of the Take Off!/ ¡Lanzate! Education travel award? For the third year in a row, Southwest Airlines is offering travel to disadvantaged students who travel away from home to attend college. The cool thing about this award is that Latino students can use the ticket(s) to bring a parent or loved one to visit them at school, or they can jet home to see the family. Maria Elena Cruz pictured in the photo was a past recipient. Her interest in Mexican Anthropology ties to strong family roots where her family hailed from a line of Mexican huichol chiefs. She was totally thrilled to receive the tickets as the best school for her field of study in Mexican Anthropology, was in Austin, TX. A Californian from a home of modest means, Maria Elena felt a tremendous relief to know that she would be able to stay connected to her family, and could not believe she was selected! She thought that there was little chance anyone would care about her dream to obtain her Masters so far from home. The other good news is that the deadline to apply for the travel award has been extended to June 29. If you know a Latino student who is enrolled in a college or university away from home who maintains a minimum 2.5 GPA and has a financial need, please encourage him or her to apply.  For more information and for complete requirements, click here for the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities web site.