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Take a Pic With Good Ol' St. Nick!

Explorer B

When I was expecting my first child, I looked forward to many milestone moments: the first laugh, first “mama,” first steps, first Birthday party, and of course, our first family Christmas – including the first photo with Santa.  My son, Mitch, was born in January, so I had to wait almost a full year to experience the much-awaited first photo op with jolly ol’ St. Nick.   I spent weeks searching for the perfect outfit for my little guy.  In December 2009, we went to the Dallas Arboretum for Mitch’s first encounter with Santa.  The moment was tense – for me and my husband anyway. Would he cry?  Would he throw a fit?  Would he run scared? It was anybody’s guess.  We were prepared for rain, but hoping for sunshine.  In the end, he actually LOVED Santa, and although he tried to pull Santa’s beard off, I think Santa loved Mitch, too.  I could not have dreamed for a more perfect first photo with Santa!  Mitch had a beautiful smile and looked so precious in his Christmas outfit.  The picture is now framed and will always be one of my favorite Christmas decorations.


Last November, we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl, Quinn. Again I looked forward to our new family tradition.  We bundled up our sweet babies and once again headed to the Dallas Arboretum for pictures with Santa.  This time, Mitch didn’t love Santa as much and the crying started the minute he was placed on Santa’s lap. This set off a chain reaction of crying, and so here we were with two highly upset babies and Santa.  My husband and I jumped in to add some smiles to the picture, calm the kids, and protect Santa from our wailing kiddos.  Not as perfect as the year before, but nonetheless a treasured Christmas memory.

Santa 2

This year, we shall see how our photo with Santa will turn out.  Whether it’s two screaming kids or “bigger than life” smiles, I will always look forward to the yearly photos with Santa. This holiday season, Southwest Airlines and Microsoft have once again partnered for the Picture Perfect Holiday on the Fly.  From December 13th through December 24th, be on the lookout for that jolly ol' guy in 21 of our airports.  Elves will snap a few photos and then their IT-counterpart elves will walk you through how Windows 7 can create the perfect picture of your family. Your photo op with Santa is free, and you walk away with the perfect picture and a $20 discount off your next flight on Southwest Airlines.  All pictures will be downloaded to a site where you will have the ability to share with family and friends.

Visit to check out Santa’s locations.  While you’re there, enter our sweepstakes where we are giving away a laptop computer each day, with a grand prize of a year of free travel on Southwest Airlines.

Brooke Burke
Dancing With the Stars Co-Host Brooke Burke Snaps a Family Pic With St. Nick!

At Southwest Airlines, we love to share the holidays with our Customers and are excited to bring you this time-honored tradition.  From our family to yours, we wish you many wonderful milestone moments!