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Taking Care of our Customers

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A Customer onboard Flight #143 was experiencing abdominal pain; however, since he did not speak English, the Crew was unable to communicate with him.  BWI Customer Service Supervisor Chris Dougherty wasted no time and stepped in.  Chris acted as translator between the Customer and paramedics, and, with the information provided, they were able to give the Customer the medical attention that he needed. Thanks for all that you did to help this Customer, Chris!
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This was my first flight on Southwest and I must say I was very impressed with everything, from the friendliness of your staff to the way you board the plane. I loved that. It was so much more easier and efficient. Price wise, the other airlines i have flown on did not compare to Southwest. It just shows you can still get quality at a reasonable price. Thanks Southwest for making my trip even more enjoyable.
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Thanks Theresa ... we hope to serve you again soon!