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Talking About the Changes

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(Southwest Airlines CEO, Gary Kelly, has been reading your comments about our recently announced boarding and fare changes, and he wanted you to hear his thoughts directly.)
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My husband and I flew to Las Vegas in early December and discovered a problem with the new boarding process. I got my boarding number at home, but my husband was denied and had to go to the agent at the airport. The agent said it was because he has a common name and had to be checked against the "watch" list. She cleared him and gave him a high number in the C line. So, I had to go on early and save him a seat. Can't the system still issue the boarding number, but mark the pass "check in required"? That would give these passengers the same chance for early boarding.
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It is amazing how many loyal SWA customers do not like the new system and have already moved their business to other carriers. I work for a large company and most of our employees are now requesting other airlines. SWA always had a comfortable, smaller airline feel that is quickly being lost. Why hassle with the new system when you can reserve a seat on another airline. We miss the old SWA and hope that the new CEO is listening before it is too late.
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I also am very unhappy with the new Rapid Reward free ticket system. I can not use my free tickets on the flights I desire, they are always "Unavailable". They have cancelled the flights I would normally use from ISP to the West Coast or changed them so that it will take 11 or 12 hours to get there. My vacation time is very precious and the less time in the travel part the better. I will also be cancelling my Southwest Visa card and switch to a carrier that has a better schedule. I really will miss the old Southwest.
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I miss the old Southwest as well. The boarding system never mattered as much to me as the low fares (although the boarding system is worse now). I would always go to SWA first when looking for flights and, after seeing the fares, would not even be tempted to look at other airlines. I travel frequently to visit my parents and the low prices WERE refreshing. It's really unfortunate that you would stoop to the level of other airlines at the expense of your customers for profit. Actions speak louder than words.
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hi my name is chase winks I love your airline iam a future pilot for your airline. In my room i have every thing of southwest airlines in my room.I have flown your airline 6 times. The flight Attendance & pilot are the best so you shoud give them a thumbs up. And your fares are awsome. And i am so CRAZY adout your airline. thank you Chase Winks
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It's bad enough to know that the current management of SWA has tosssed all consideration for their passengers to the wind with their boarding procedures and fare structures, but IT IS INCOMPREHENSIBLE THAT THE AIRLINE I TRUST ABOVE ALL OTHERS HAS THUMBED THEIR NOSE AT REQUIRED INSPECTIONS. I have TRUSTED YOU WITH MY LIFE for years as I fly. Do you care about your passengers at all anymore? What about your faithful employees who serve as crew? Are they "throw away" status too? I feel outraged, disappointed and betrayed. Herb and Colleen, they may have learned the business under your guidance and standards, but once you left, greed has replaced all the high standards you developed. So sad.
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Jan - The inspections in question were one of many routine, redundant, and overlapping inspections of our fleet. As an article from todayÃ
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For years when people would ask me which airlines I was flying, I would respond with "Southwest. Is there another airlines?" Well, sadly I am being forced to consider that there are other airlines and that their rates are now often times better! I look at the rates on the website and I am shocked by the amounts I am seeing. I have been putting off making a flight reservation for an impending trip because I am just so loyal that I am convinced there will be a special or something that renews my faith in Southwest, but time is running out. Other airlines are looming in my future! Sigh.....
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my husband and I have used southwest for 18 years we travel only twice a year but we always used southwest liked the people and always felt safe. but as of this year we are using Allegiant airlines a lot cheaper and just as nice they do not have the same selection of times as southwest but our flights are $200.00 cheaper than southwest so I will have to fly earlier in the morning it is worth it.I think southwest is just getting to big ..Cathy Mcneal,Stover mo.
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Our family has been flying Southwest for year, mainly for the convenience of being able to cancel a flight and use the credit to buy another ticket for a different family member specially with our kids in college and dates sometime changing. I just tried to use a credit from 2 days ago to buy a ticket for my father for my son's graduation and couldn't do it. Called SW and was told it was a new policy. Well not only is my father not going to his grandson's graduation, I no longer have a reason to fly Southwest.. Fares are now as high and oftentimes higher, more flights need stops and credits are no longer usable by the family. Add to that planes that open up in mid air and many cancelled flights. No longer the airline you used to be, no longer my first choice. Much better deals with Jet Blue and get to watch free movies, free bags and if limitations are the same there are others out there. A shame.
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Going to make a comment to applaud the idea of Family boarding be first if they want to sit in the back 10 rows, otherwise board with the number they have.