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Tax Day Treats at 35,000 Feet

Explorer C

With springtime and sunshine come W-2s and 1099s; taxes are top of mind every April as the deadline to file rolls around. Whether it’s a favorite holiday or the date you dread, Tax Day is once again upon us. Today, in true Fun-LUVing fashion, Southwest set out to make the IRS’s April 18th deadline just a little sweeter for one lucky plane-full of Customers.


Armed with the charm and culinary talents of celebrity chef Jon Ashton, Southwest surprised Customers on Flight #390 from Chicago Midway to D.C.’s Reagan National Airport with Tax Day inspired treats. As the key ingredients in his original cookie recipes, Chef Jon used packets of Southwest peanuts. The mouth-watering result: Indulgently Rich Shortbreads and Irresistible Rosemary Shorties (I.R.S. for short, get it?). After a taste of each, Customers exercised their right to vote on the flavor of the day. In the race between savory and sweet, it became apparent that Chef Jon’s (Sweet/Savory) confections won the hearts of the Customers. 


Chef Jon Ashton, who credits his grandmother for spurring his lifelong culinary passion, inspires his audiences to cook with confidence by sharing everyday solutions, lively tips, and classic techniques. See photos of today’s fun flight by checking out Chef Jon’s (twitter/Facebook) pages. Or decide for yourself whether savory flavors or sweet treats win the day by following Chef Jon’s original Southwest cookie recipes below. Be sure to snag a couple packets of peanuts on your next Southwest flight to host your own IRS inspired taste test. Happy Tax Day, ya’ll!