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Teachers and Parents: Wanna Get Away from your Usual Curriculum?


This post has been updated for Fall 2020 learning.


Southwest Airlines knows that the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has brought additional challenges for many, including two of the hardest working groups of people—teachers and parents. Virtual learning can be challenging for everyone involved, and we want to help you get away from the usual curriculum. 


Our first lesson involves one of the four forces of flight: lift!



Teachers and Parents: Please scroll to the bottom for more Adopt-A-Pilot learning resources!


In 1997, Southwest Airlines launched our Adopt-A-Pilot program which gives classrooms an opportunity to “adopt” a Southwest Pilot. Since our award-winning program first launched, Southwest Pilots have visited thousands of classrooms around the country, teaching an aviation-themed curriculum and impacting the lives of more 632,000 students.


Since Pilots are unable to visit classrooms, we are bringing the Adopt-A-Pilot program to you through a series of videos and lessons, allowing teachers and parents to supplement their virtual learning curriculum with STEM-centered content. These activities and experiments are taught by Pilots and designed to show teachers and parents various ways to engage the curiosity of fifth-grade students. Although, teachers and parents may be able to adjust this education programming to engage other age groups. Throughout the semester we plan to update this post with virtual learning ideas, so please bookmark it. 




Teachers and Parents, no matter how your plans may have changed—we hope these Adopt-A-Pilot lessons will provide some fun and innovative content for your students, or at home!


Coloring Book & Experiments Packet (PDF Attached)

Teachers and parents, print out this Coloring Book & Experiment packet for some fun Adopt-A-Pilot activities you can do at home, or remotely!