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Texas vs. OU Plane Pull

Frequent Flyer B
[asset|aid=240|format=image|formatter=asset|title=RBRiPodLogoSmall.gif|width=180|height=179|resizable=true|align=right]This episode of Red Belly Radio was recorded at the Dallas Maintenance Center at our 7th annual, 2009 Southwest Airlines Pigskin Plane Pull—pulling one of our Boeing 737s with human power! I won't tell you who won here, but can tell you that a record time was set—for the worst time ever in this event.
Explorer C
Any suggestions on getting a job with SWA? I've wanted to work for SWA for about 68 yrs. J/K, but I have wanted to work here for a really long time!!!
Explorer C
Kym, what position were you looking to get into, also what city are you in? With all of the recent expansion, positions are opening up. Traditionally when a new city opens, the company allows for employees to make transfers and shuffle around to where they want to be. After that happens, there are spaces left to be filled.