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Thank YOU for the Music!

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At Southwest Airlines, we have a knack for surprising Passengers. We like to be unconventional and put real personality into our work. But sometimes, it is our Passengers who surprise us with their ideas to make the flight experience a fun one.

Recently, I flew to Phoenix to meet up with the Phoenix Girls Chorus, on their way to a music festival in Boston, Massachusetts. These 20 young girls are just full of vocal talent and didn’t want to wait until their arrival in Boston to give people a performance to remember.

As the group arrived at the gate in Phoenix, people were already staring at this flock of teenagers in their neon green shirts. But as the "A" group took their spots in line, the real surprise began. The girls gathered in a group and sang wonderful renditions of “Jar of Hearts” by Christina Perri and “Thank You for the Music” by ABBA to see the Passengers onto their flight.

As the chorus took their own seats on Flight 106 to Denver, they had yet another surprise in store. The Phoenix Girls Chorus teamed up with our Southwest Flight Crew to serenade Passengers with a short inflight concert!

As Tracy, one of the Flight Attendants, made an announcement over the PA system, the chorus quickly divided themselves into a three-part harmony and performed a song in round to startled Passengers. Confusion quickly turned to delight on Flight 106, though, and by the end of the song the young choir received tremendous applause from every Passenger onboard!

Check out our video of the performance below:

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I just want to praise Southwest for always making my flights so comfortable. In march I flew another airline and I hate it. With Southwest it starts from the being til the end of my flight. The employees of Southwest always seem to me that they are enjoying their job always courteous, polite they always go the extra mile to make sure that each and every passenger is comforable. I just want to tell all of you the employees of Southwest are in my book rate is from 1 to 10 YOU ALL ARE A 10!. 🙂 See you in July I will be traveling to California.