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Thank You to Our Customers for Your Kindness


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It’s hard to believe the end of summer is already upon us. I hope these past few months have brought you the chance to take that long-awaited trip, to reunite with loved ones, or to soak up some sun in a new destination.


Even if you haven’t flown on Southwest Airlines recently, you’ve likely seen headlines about the tough environment Employees across the airline industry have been facing since the beginning of the pandemic. I have the honor of leading our Flight Attendant workgroup, and I will say—this summer has been a difficult one for a variety of reasons. While tensions are high around our country and world right now, I want to thank you for being Customers who treat our Employees and each other with kindness and respect from the minute you decide to fly Southwest and step onboard our airplane. Our Flight Attendants regularly share stories with me about the good nature of our Customers. Your courtesy goes a long way in allowing our Crews to focus on offering you the Safety guidance that’s required and the Hospitality you expect, so all you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy your flight. We weave that same message of Hospitality, kindness, and respect into nearly every communication with our Employees—and when you return those traits it makes more of an impact than I can express.


I know firsthand how much pride our Flight Attendants have in taking great care of you. In the same way, I take great pride in all 16,000 of them. That special brand of kindness that’s unique to you as Southwest Customers makes a world of difference. So the next time you interact with a Southwest Flight Attendant, or any of our wonderful Employees, I hope you will feel inspired to give them a “thank you,” a thumbs up, or a smile behind your mask—your kind gesture may just be the encouragement they need. And I hope they do the same. Thank you for your loyalty, your kindness, and for flying Southwest—as we tell our Employees, we are all in this together. And you, as our loyal Customers, are a vital part of that.