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That Eerie Silence

Adventurer C
That Tuesday morning, I went through my normal routine of taking the kids to school, coming back home, scanning the newspaper, and listening to sports radio. What ran across the radio was that an airplane had flown into one of the World Trade Center Towers. I lowered the radio sound and turned the television on, and after about five minutes of watching and listening to what was going on, I could not believe what I had just witnessed. I saw the silhouette of a passenger jet fly into the other tower. As we come upon the anniversary of those terrible attacks on our nation, I was reminded of that eerie silence that was over Love Field Airport that day. Five hours had passed since the first attack, and all aircraft across the nation had been grounded. I've been going to Love Field for the past 17 years and had become so accustomed to hearing the airport noises like aircraft taking off and landing. But when I arrived to work on September 11th, 2001 at 2pm, I noticed that things were already different, mainly the sound, or the lack thereof, as I walked, along with other Coworkers, on the ramp area just outside of the maintenance hangar. The one thing we talked about the most was how quiet it was, and that meant something was wrong. Let's not forget those who were lost on that day and those who were lost fighting for our freedom--and please pray for those who are still fighting for us.
Explorer B
I was at home in Portland, Oregon. This was before I worked for SWA. I was sitting in my mom's backyard/patio area. We were talking about the day's events, how unbelieveable they were. I looked up in the sky... "Mom, look up. There are no jets in the air. No contrails...its eerie." "It might be a while before there are again." "Could be months", I said. Nobody knew. Thankfully, it was much sooner than that. I've seen the footage and pictures of SWA's return to the sky, and although I was not part of the company then it fills me with such pride to see that plane lift up in the sky. A warrior's heart, indeed.
Explorer C
Eerie Silence ~ That is what I remember most about the days after "the tragedy". I would occasionally hear a military jet or see an AWACS way up high patrolling. Then came the day I was driving to work past the airport and a Southwest plane was taking off. What a joyful sound! The drivers around me must have thought I was NUTS as I was cheering and waving and crying. It was a proud moment for FREEDOM - my country and my company.
Explorer C
I was a reservation agent at URC and I remember hearing the attacks on TV and watching them on TV. I went to work that day and that it was pretty much a normal day, just that the only different was no aircraft was allowed to fly unless directed by the government. I know I got so accustomed to hearing the aircraft up in the sky and when it was told no aircraft it was silent. That was a scary thought of hearing no planes flying.
Explorer C
A Midnight Call- REMEMBERING 911- NINE HOURS BEFORE THE ATTACK I remember waking at or a little before midnight approx 9 hours before the attack. I knew immediately I had been called to pray and intercede. I heard and sensed in the spirit "grave danger". Then I felt a boulder like heaviness. I am an intercessor and often am quickened to intercede, but this was the most notable prayer burden I had experienced. I felt pulled down, as if a force was pushing against me. The force against me was so strong that I cried to the Lord to help me to pray, this prayer burden was heavy. There was the most horrid perception of hopelessness. All I could say was one decree, one thing, HOPE. I felt impressed about my daughter, Lois, Tene Afi Jenkins, a young Wellesley graduate teaching in the public school system of in New York. City. I prayed for approx 30 min. slept and was awakened again. This time the heaviness was soo grievous I could only weep. Even my tears fell heavy on to the floor that I had crawled down to in order to lay prostrate. I slept and again at 3 AM was awakened. This time I felt strengthened for the task at hand. I sensed that there were others who had joined the watch and lifted up the prayer burden. Even still I was acutely aware of grave and imminent danger. I prayed till 6 and prepared for work. I prayed for leaders in our world, nation, state, city and neighborhood. I thanked the Lord for His promise for my children, " All your children will be taught of the Lord and great will be the peace of your children." Within an hour upon my arrival a co worker came in and announced the attack. I went to see it on the TV in the break room. My daughter went through the tower twice daily in her commute to school but felt impressed to go a different way that morning. I couldn't speak to her until later that evening. But I had a peace that passed understanding. I knew my baby was alright. As I reflect I am thankful that I heard that midnight call to pray. God helped me to answer the call. I was reminded of God's promise, that the prayers of the righteous availeth much. I believe that I interceded for daughter and for our nation on those prayer watches. It is easy to criticize our leaders, but wisdom says watch and pray. Pray for those who have authority over you, that you may lead a quiet and peaceable life. An exhortation and testimony of a praying momma from deep in the heart of Texas
Explorer C
When 9/11 happened I was not an employee of SWA, but my Mother was a flight attendant for United Airlines. She often flew trips out of the East Coast, but lucky for her she had just gone through back surgery and was not working that day. We were on the phone with each other for hours after the 2nd plane hit. We all will remember that day. Me, I remember every single thing, every detail. I remember calling my boss and telling him I'd be late, I remember driving on the highway to work that morning and watching all these planes descend. It was the strangest thing. I remember trying to get on the internet for any type of news detail, but CNN, ABC News, Fox News, etc. You couldn't get on their websites, they're were too many people doing the same thing I was. One thing that worries me about the world today is that people are forgetting what happened. I realize we should go on with our lives, but that friendliness and caring for each other (remember how it was for weeks afterwards?) is no longer shown.
Explorer C
After the initial horror and shock of the 9/11 events, I had the occasion to fly across the Pacific to Hawaii. The plane was only 1/2 full & many on the flight were quite anxious about flying again. The thing that stands out in my mind about that trip was how quite Waikiki was without the usual influx of the Japanese visitors. It was sad to see the businessews who rely on tourism so quiet.
Explorer C
I just think that Southwest did a wonderful job then and now. They are a very friendly and profession company. I fly quite often and I use a wheelchair and they go out of there way to make sure my chair is safe and that I am comfortable. I once had my chair left by your airline by mistake, and when I got to Ft. Myers There was a customer service rep. ready to assist me in any of m y needs. the main one was getting my chair from Orlando to Ft. Myers. He Pulled it off with not to much inconvenice to me. The customer rep who helped me should get a raise or some type of award for assiting me the way he did. His name is Winston, and lives in the Ft. Myers Area, and works for Southwest. Please give him a raise if you can find him
Explorer C
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