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The A-List: July 2016

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“Got passion? Get going. Go big. Be noticed.”

Yolanda Hundley, Marketing Director, Eternal Beverages, and Accomplished Triathlete


While completing more than 80 races, Yolanda Hundley has logged plenty of miles on the ground and even more in the sky by flying to each event with Southwest Airlines. An A-Lister based in Scottsdale, Arizona, Yolanda travels the country to train more than 25 hours a week with a former Olympian. One reason she sticks with Southwest? The low cost of checking her bike onboard compared to other airlines. Southwest’s no change fees also come in handy on her unpredictable business trips as a marketing director. With three 70.3-mile events and two Ironman races still on Yolanda’s calendar for 2016, we know she’ll keep going the distance on the ground and in the sky. 


Easy Does It “A click of the Southwest app or a friendly phone call always gets me where I need to be.”


Must-Sea “Every time I’m in the Los Angeles area, I go to Killer Shrimp in Marina del Rey. It’s one of a kind, and the views are awesome.”


The High Road “Doing good and helping people boosts your mood and theirs. Feeling uplifted at 30,000 feet is way better than feeling cranky.”