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The Business Travel Challenge Hits the Road!

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Are you a Business Traveler that is tired of paying bag fees?  Done with blackout dates?  Fed up with change fees?  Then we invite you to take the Southwest Airlines Business Travel Challenge, literally!

If you’ve seen our new commercials, then you’re familiar with our obstacle course themed challenges that put Southwest Customers up against “those other guys.”  In true Southwest fashion, we highlight our products and policies (No bag fees and No blackout dates, to name a few!) in a FUN way, all the while driving home the fact that “Business Travelers Win with Southwest Airlines!”

We’ve taken this challenge to the streets, giving our Customers a chance to experience the challenge for themselves.  Contestants fight their way through the “Bag Fee Barrage” and “Change Fee Fiasco,” trying not to get knocked off the platform by those unwanted fees, until their reach Southwest, where it’s smoothing sailing to the finish line.  Contestants have a chance to win Southwest Airlines tickets and fare savers if they make it through to the end.  The challenge made its debut at the State Fair of Texas and will hit the road, visiting Chicago, San Francisco, and Los Angeles in the coming weeks.  If you reside or visit one of these cities, keep your eye out for updates on times and locations on the Southwest Airlines Facebook page