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The Case of the Missing Library Book

Frequent Flyer C

Written by Willow Creek Elementary Librarian Elizabeth Davis


Missing book1.jpg

As the Librarian of Willow Creek Elementary, students often tell me they "lost" their library book if it's missing for awhile and can't find it. This happened to one student, so he paid the fee to replace it. After the school year wrapped up, our school office received a phone call from a Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant named Scott who found a library book on his plane.


Scott shared that he is an avid reader and wanted to help keep books in our students hands—this is why he wanted to help this book find its way home. When I got back to school from summer break, the book was waiting for us with a note, and since it was returned within the time limit, we were even able to issue a refund to the kiddo who lost it! 


Missing book 2.jpg

We figured a few pictures, a heartfelt note from the student who lost the book, and a little token of appreciation was the least we could send Scott for showing our book the world. It was neat to see someone who cares about books as much as we do. At our school, we strive to build lifelong readers who associate reading with positive feelings and real-world connections, so this act of kindness matched perfectly with our values. Thank you, Scott!