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The Dallas LOVE Project Aims for Biggest Ever Citywide Art Exhibit

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art4This is a guest blog post from Karen Blessen, Founder and Artistic Director of 29 Pieces and Executive Director of the Dallas LOVE Project. This month, we remember the defining moment when President John F. Kennedy was killed in Dealey Plaza 50 years ago.  Unfortunately, this event labeled Dallas as the “City of Hate,” however, if you’ve lived in Dallas for any length of time, you will agree that this title is not at all fitting.  Hence, the Dallas LOVE Project was born. The Dallas LOVE Project is a grass roots effort to create a redefining moment for our city.  Continuing through November 22, the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John art1F. Kennedy, and until November 30, Dallas is being transformed into one giant art venue.  This is a unique art gallery—10,000 pieces of art inspired by quotes about unconditional love from great peacemakers, poets, musicians, and artists, as well as inspired quotes from President Kennedy. Ten thousand pieces of art are displayed in venues big and small, all over the city, and even at Love Field Airport.  The LOVE Project at Love Field feels like an arrival at Love Island!  At the Love Field counter, you’ll see 140 pieces of art, all expressing messages of love.  Some call the LOVE Project the biggest city-wide art project ever, with 10,000 pieces of art tagging 63 locations across the city with words and images of love. art2Dallas LOVE Project is produced by the organization 29 Pieces.  Between 20 and 30 thousand artists participated, including students from public, private, and charter schools; women in Dallas County Jail; professional artists; corporate folks; teenagers in juvenile detention; church groups; art camps; women working to leave the world of prostitution; people struggling with mental disorders and addiction; residents of nursing homes; children in Boys and Girls Clubs; children and families at Ronald McDonald House, and many more. You can see more of the LOVE Project at the Sixth Floor Museum, Galleria Dallas, Dallas Public Library, South Side on Lamar, and many other locations shown on our web site at art3 Many locations will be open on November 23 from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. for family-friendly open houses.  Take Instagram photos of yourself, friends, and family in front of your favorite pieces of art and send them to #dallasloveproject and #dloveproject.  Go to the exhibits, be part of our online Instagram Quilt.  And, most importantly, show the world that Love thrives in Dallas, Texas.