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The Easter Bunny Visits Southwest Airlines

Explorer C

Everyone that entered the Southwest Headquarters lobby yesterday (March 30) was amazed to discover that the Easter Bunny had been there.  The lobby was filled with 535 Easter baskets all wrapped up and ready to be delivered to Ronald McDonald House in Dallas and the Children’s Medical Center.

Southwest Airlines has been very active in volunteer events at Ronald McDonald House for years and in 1996 one of our Employees thought it would be a great idea to make Easter Baskets for the kids.


A couple of years later we added Children’s Medical Center to the Easter Basket list.  Since the families staying at Ronald McDonald house had children at the hospital – we thought it would be great to give baskets to all the kids.  The momentum has grown, and every year we’ve collected more and more baskets, and we are now able to not only provide one for each patient, but also baskets for their siblings and children being seen in the emergency room and clinics. 

Having been blessed with five healthy granddaughters of my own – it touches my heart to be able to participate in such a comforting event for children in need of special LUV and attention on Easter.  Southwest Employees are awesome and have the biggest hearts of any Company I’ve ever worked for.  I am truly lucky to work here and be around such amazing and giving people.