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The Easter Bunny?

Aviator C

We’ve had this video for awhile, but I was saving it for Easter time because it concerns a very special bunny. Elden Allen in our Cargo Department shot the video a while back in Phoenix, where he met Harvey and Suzanne Brian–and their 25-year-old stuffed bunny, Harvey Jr. The Brians take Harvey along on all of their trips, and they have been flying with us almost every week for over 12 years.

Since Harvey Jr. is such a frequent flyer, he has earned his own Crew badge, but he does have one, albeit small, complaint. He is unable to get his favorite drink, carrot juice, onboard our flights. Sorry about that Harvey Jr.

On behalf of all of us on the Southwest Blog Team (and Harvey Jr.), we wish you a Happy Easter!  We will be off on Good Friday so we won’t be posting then, but we will return with a new post on Monday.  Don’t worry, we will be moderating comments all weekend as usual, so keep them coming!
Frequent Flyer B
Congratulations to Harvey Jr. on his enviable flight record! Although I'm sure that he would prefer carrots to honey roasted peanuts as he "hops" about the country, by now he has hopefully flown enough segments to have earned a Companion Pass so he can bring along a good bunny friend for free on his travels. In fact, this whole episode has given me an idea of an advertising slogan that SWA might want to use as it begins to reach out to the entire rabbit community. We know that especially this time of year, it is a busy travel season for rabbits who must distribute chocolate candy and decorated eggs all across the nation after checking their lists twice for who's been naughty and who's been nice. So, in an effort to attract more the business of more bunnies across this 'continent', perhaps you could market yourselves by telling them: "We really move your tail for you." Unless that's already been used? LOL :) Kim External Blog Boy who never eats hollow rabbits
Adventurer B
Brian, Paula, the Team: Happy Easter to you too! :o) 'n thanks again for your dedication - moderating the blog over the weekend is great for us, but so much work for you too! :o))
Explorer C
My daughter and I are graduating from 2 different colleges in May. I just booked VERY affordable flights for a family member to attend both graduation ceremonies. With all the news stories about gas prices (ugh!) and airlines hit so hard- it was a very pleasant experience booking those flights. I can't thank Southwest Airline enough for keeping the pricing affordable. My family has used only SW when flying (very affordable, in-flight comedy routines from staff, most pleasant experiences throughout the service). We will always patronize and be grateful to Southwest :) Frances V.
Explorer C
I am so very unhappy with my first AND LAST experience with Southwest. You can't get any employee to take control of a situation and solve a problem. Regardless of how simple it may be. Forget to get help on anything complex in any way. You are never treated like a customer AFTER YOU PAY, only before. It's all smiles and promises till YOU'RE LOCKED IN! They aren't getting the inspections necessary. They're going down!
Explorer C
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Frequent Flyer B
Happy Easter! I hope everyone is having a good one! :) Thought for the day: Why is it called bluegrass music when the grass is green? When you want to fly the best, fly Southwest! I came up with that by my very own self. :) SWA LUV! 🙂