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The Evolution of EVOLVE: The New Southwest Interior


Yesterday, we formally introduced you to EVOLVE: The New Southwest Interior, an eco-friendly, cost-efficient new look for our cabin with an emphasis on comfort and personal space. 

This time-lapsed video provides a look at how our Maintenance & Engineering Employees will install the new interior on each of our Boeing 737-700 aircraft. 

Learn more about Evolve here

And a quick thank you to Terry Riley, who put this video together, and Clint Walker, who took the pictures!
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This looks pretty cool, but I worry that with the extra row of seating, the leg room will be less overall. I really like the look, but I hope the current space is preserved!
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Wow, what improvement.....pure greed! seats mean less space for customers,. More customers= more money, + weight more gas/pollution. Result, no so eco-friendly!!! instead of squeeze every customer they should upgrade the seat with TVs. Bravo Southwest another reason to stop flighting with you!!
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This is in line with where SW has been trending. Look at their Rewards program. The use of points allows SW to have complete control over how many free flights are outstanding. If they see the average points balance of their customers rising all they have to do is increase the required points to purchase a ticket.
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First Southwest devalues the Rapid Rewards program,now they are putting an additional row of seats in the plane while claiming this is more comfortable. I fail to see how reducing the pitch to 31 and the recline to 2 makes for a more comfortable experience. In addition since your 737s only have 2 bathrooms versus the standard 3 will only lengthen the lines to use the facilities. Southwest used to be my primary airline even if I sometimes had to change planes versus a nonstop on one of your competitors. I flew Southwest because the planes were more comfortable and the Rapid Rewards program was good. The Rapid Rewards program now stinks and the planes will now not be comfortable. As Southwest continues its decline into mediocrity can checked baggage fees be far behind?
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Dear Southwest, What once made you great is now nearly extinct. You have completely obliterated any differentiation in your Frequent Flier program, and now you are removing the most comfortable seats in the industry (and decreasing the most legroom) so that you can cram more people in the same space. I particularly love the PR campaign you've created to spin this as movement in a positive (and "green") direction. Ha. As someone who flew 100+ legs in a year and held a companion pass and A-list seating for years, I am writing to let you know that I've officially broken up with you. You were my favorite; you're now no different than the 'others.' Way to go.
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I am wondering about seat width? Will this be reduced at all under this new configuration?
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I had a chance to fly the new cabin. The legroom is shorter throughout the plane including the exit rows. It is a shame, too. Pitch is now 31" not 32". Flight attendants are getting complaints. I hope they rethink this extra row. Southwest does not need to become American.
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I would pay extra just to have the old leather seats.