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The Facebook Commandments--Part One

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The Facebook Commandments: Part I

Many of you are probably familiar with Social Networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter (and might be connected to me in some way on those sites).  As a frequent Facebook/Twitterer I have polled my friends/followers to provide some of the best tips and commandments of using the sites.  This will be a 2-part series.  We shall start with Facebook.

You’ve either heard of it, people have sent you emails claiming to be your “friend”, or maybe you are on it so frequently you prefer it over other e-mail addresses/platforms (wink).   No matter what Facebook level you are on, the following Commandments should be considered by all (I admit I am guilty of breaking a few):

  1. Don’t write anything depressing, upsetting, or controversial in your status.  No one wants to log on to read “Paula is feeding her sick cat for the last time.”  That’s just an invitation to your personal pity party…a party no one wants to attend.

  2. Share things that interest you!  News stories, YouTube videos, and pictures are all cool….I’m your “friend,” and I want to know what you are interested in.

  3. Facebook is a way to connect with people, and the people behind a brand.  DO NOT get on Facebook to spam people about your pet sitting business.  You must be authentic and genuine about the job, lifestyle, brand, etc. that you connect with.

  4. You are not obligated to accept every friend request.  If you don’t know the person or don’t share any connections, then it probably isn’t a real friend (it could be a spammer, virus, etc).

  5.  More than one person in your profile picture is confusing.  Stick with just your own photo (as long as you are not making a kissy face….you know who you are).

  6. Don’t complain about your boss, your company, or your friends.  They will find out and you will be a) embarrassed b) possibly fired c) both

  7. Back to photos: use current ones only, and not your company headshot.

  8. Applications are cool, but only in moderation.  If you like a crazy page full of Mob Wars, Dallas Cowboys Trivia, and the Little Green Patch you might be more comfortable using MySpace.

  9. Creating an “Event” or a “Group” when you get a new phone number is not necessary.  Maybe just send a text message.

  10. If you have dated someone less than 6 months, don’t change your status to “In a Relationship”. That little broken heart in the newsfeed makes it even more difficult to deal with.

Bonus:  Join the Southwest Airlines Facebook Fan page!  (Link)

What are your Facebook Commandments?


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*"Thou Shalt Not Confuse Facebook with Twitter."* Do not update your status more than once or twice a day. Your friends want to keep in touch with you, but we are not THAT interested in the minutiae of your life (i.e.- "Bobby is eating a donut"). For the play-by-plays, please use text messaging, Twitter or another application.
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Great blog post 😉 i posted it on the southwest wall!
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Entertaining and useful post, Christi! "That’s just an invitation to your personal pity party…a party no one wants to attend." Great line. You've also sparked some inspiration for me to finally write the long awaited "Friend vs. Business Associate vs. Family Member" discussion, and how that relates to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.
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Thanks Eric!! Let me know when you write your post...I'd love to see it!!! Hope all is well in Indy!
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Note to self - join SWA fans tonight (Facebook blocked at work). Luckily, Nuts About Southwest is not!
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Put acquaintances, business contacts, and friends of a friend on your Limited Profile list, and use that to show people you don't really know your general information and pictures. That way, you can share your personal information, contact information, and family pictures with only those you want to see that stuff and not the whole world.
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Also, stop throwing snowballs at me, or asking me what kind of Disney princess I am, or wanting to give me a plant that will grow into a lucky charm, or other such nonsense. I am a Facebook purist, and will never add any applications/fan pages/Scrabble. Ever. (Okay, I do have a fan page for Dolly Parton, but that's completely acceptable.)
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Where's the LUV for Blingee?
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MY comment is about (part of) commandment no. 7: "[...] photos: use current ones only [...]". I agree that (in most cases), this is a good rule for your profile picture. HOWEVER, I also think that there is a proper place for stuff like ("Photos from Bellaire High School Class of 1968"), where pictures from the wayback machine, are sorta the main point. Just my 0.02... Mike Schwartz
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Twitter is fine for frequent status updates. However, keep that in mind if you decide to link your Twitter and Facebook accounts. Paul In CRP