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The Gift We Thought We’d Never See Again Made Possible by the Generosity of a Southwest Employee

Explorer C

Toddler Jeep.jpg

In California over the holidays, my toddler son received a power wheels Jeep as a gift from family. My mother thought we could easily return it to the store and have it reshipped to our home in Washington due to the large size, but that was sadly not the case. We were unable to return the Jeep and it was going to cost more to ship than the gift itself.


As a last resort, I called Southwest to inquire if it was possible to ship the item as oversized baggage for our return trip home. I spoke with a wonderful Customer Service Representative who provided some additional details. We boxed the Jeep up, dropped off our rental car, and made our way to the airport. Once we arrived at the airport, we all let out a sigh of relief and knew that everything was going to be fine from then on out. Unfortunately, upon arrival we realized there was a miscommunication and the box wasn’t going to make it back home with us that day. I didn’t know what to do! We had no one to come pick it up and I had reached the point that I was willing to give it to the next person I saw at the airport.  


OAK Customer Service Supervisor, Justin, heard our dilemma and was determined to reunite us with the power wheels Jeep once we got back home. He took my name, phone number, and address down and let me know he’d find a way to get it to us! I had given up hope but told him if there was a way to let me know and I’d cover the cost of shipping; otherwise, he could find a new home for the toy. He was so caring, genuinely concerned about our predicament, and wanted to do whatever he could to assist. In all honesty, I never expected to hear from him again.


Two weeks later, I received a phone call from Justin confirming my information and sharing that he was going to personally ship the item to our family. I was stunned and pleaded with him to let me cover the cost but he told me it was his holiday gift to us. Justin provided exceptional Hospitality and service to my family and me during this extremely stressful time and even thereafter. He truly went above and beyond as he simply wanted us to be happy. Our family, and especially toddler son, is very thankful. Many thanks and much love from the Buck family!