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The Good Guys Hit the Streets

Retired Community Manager

At Southwest Airlines, we care about our Customers -- and their bags.  That's why we've created a task force dedicated to squashing injustice and making sure you travel comfortably, and your Bags Fly Free.

See, there are a lot of airlines out there who are trying to pull a fast one by convincing travelers it's okay to pay for bags.  And they think we'll eventually cave and make you do the same on Southwest.

Not so fast.  Southwest Airlines Bag Cops won't let that happen.

Over the next six weeks, our guys and girls on the force will hit the streets to warn the public not to fall for this bag scam.

Look out for them so you can get educated, receive your very own Bag Cop badge, and get a chance at free roundtrip tickets on Southwest Airlines.

We've deployed our officers to the following cities:

Los Angeles
San Francisco

Our Bag Cops will be saving your luggage, and saving you up to $120 of your hard-earned money, cheddar, cashola.

Don't thank them -- it's just what they do. Click here to see them in action