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The Greenest Airline Award

Adventurer B
We’ve written in the past about our Newsweek Green Rankings and our being awarded the Williams Trophy by the Washington Airports Task Force, so you know how excited I get whenever our Company and our People are recognized for being good stewards of the environment. We just received word that we were ranked as the greenest airline by Climate Counts, a nonprofit group that ranks the world’s largest companies on their climate impact. They do this to raise consumer awareness and encourage consumers to support companies that are behaving in a responsible manner. As a Company, Southwest has always believed in doing the right thing – it’s just who we are. When it comes to being Green, we know that environmental decisions also make good business sense and reducing waste by being efficient is just plain smart – or plane smart, as the saying goes! We know that recycling affects our bottom line by saving money in waste pickups and that by saving fuel and reducing our emissions, we are creating a better environment for our communities and reducing costs. It’s a win-win for Southwest and our Planet. There is always room to improve, and the Green Team, Green Ambassadors, and each Southwest Employee are working hard every day to make Southwest the best it can be. This ranking really pleases me, because I think it’s true and we have always known it: we do well by doing good. Congratulations, Southwest!

To read more about Climate Counts and our rankings, go here: