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The Heart of America: Our National Forests and Grasslands


The following blog post was written by the Director of Communications for National Forest Foundation,  Greg M. Peters. Our National Forests and Grasslands stretch from Florida to Alaska. These public lands, managed by the U.S. Forest Service, provide myriad benefits for our country and our communities: clean water and clean air, wildlife habitat for threatened and endangered species, almost unlimited recreational opportunities, and countless natural resources. The National Forest Foundation (NFF) is the only national conservation organization dedicated to restoration and community engagement on our National Forests and Grasslands. Headquartered in Missoula, MT, with field offices across the country, the NFF’s small but dedicated staff of 23 covers the entire 193-million-acre National Forest System. Through a suite of programs, the NFF provides millions of dollars in grants to local conservation organizations, plants millions of trees, provides support, technical assistance, and facilitation for collaborative efforts that tackle the challenges facing these public lands, and connects millions of Americans to these landscapes every year. The issues facing our forests are daunting, making the NFF’s work both challenging and rewarding. Fortunately, with community partners like Southwest Airlines, we can improve our ability to meet these challenges. Support from Southwest has assisted NFF staff to meet with partners, donors and the Forest Service, provided travel scholarships for participants to attend a two-day workshop about improving collaborative efforts for our National Forests and Grasslands and  opportunities for our on-the-ground partners to travel to conferences, field sites and other locations, adding value and efficiency to their restoration work. The NFF is grateful for Southwest Airline’s support because it’s making a real difference for our shared National Forests and Grasslands. The NFF encourages all Southwest Airlines Employees and Customers to visit their local National Forest. Chances are good that there’s one nearby; seven in ten Americans live within 100 miles of a National Forest or Grassland. Which one is your favorite? To learn more about National Forest Foundation, visit